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Minecraft: Top 10 Best Minecraft 1.20.15 Seeds!

Having a good seed for your new Minecraft world is essential, whether you’re playing alone or with a group. If mods aren’t your scene, you can have a great time with Minecraft seeds to make a new run more interesting instead of just rolling the dice. Whether you want some village to pillage, forests to make a cottage in, or frozen wastes to test your survival skills on, there’s something out there for everyone. Different seeds can offer different starting environments, so if you have a particular biome you want to see, try some of the seeds we suggest in the items below!

10. Village Seed -4995562988686468990

It’s always fun to start the game with a village nearby. Whether your intentions are friendly or not with a village, this one has three. You’ll have more than you need for trading, burning, resources, or simply to have in the background so that the world feels just a little less empty.

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9. Cherry Blossom Village Seed 8101124859074720264 

Cherry blossoms are always pretty to find in Minecraft. If you like seeing these trees, this seed has a great combination of excellent biome choices via cherry blossom trees and a nearby village. From there, you can change the land to what you see fit or leave it alone and build your cottage wherever it naturally looks best.

8. Grasslands Under Snowy Mountains 9418228204

If you yearn for a little mountain to decorate your horizon, try this biome for size. Having a snowy mountain right nearby is great for if you’re sick of trees and wood surrounding your every inch of home territory. And if you want some of that back, no worries, there’s a cherry blossom biome just nearby where you can get your fill of pink.

7. Lake Village 712225023315282

While you can build anything in Minecraft, it’s better when you can find pretty structures naturally. This biome in the seed is a great example, having a naturally occurring village in the middle of an island on a lake. Whether you protect the little community or overtake it to make it your own is your own decision.

6. Cliffside Village 6691223146365718378

One advantage of the cliffs and caves update is that cliffs are quite a bit steeper than they used to be. This seed starts you off with a cliff nearby and a almost picturesque village along its precipice. From here, you can do anything you want with that kind of height to your base, whether it be to build your house along the potential rocky fall or to make your structure the tallest thing in the area.

5. Savanna Biome -8051378274664046048

The savanna biome can be fun, especially if you have it near a forest, as its more often lands. This particular seed features a savanna biome almost entirely surrounded by a mangrove forest. Perfect for if you want to have a bit of a theme for your world, building from what you can find around you and making a house that looks like it fits right in.

4. Cherry Blossom Pillager Island -172776344715199072

Who needs villagers when you have pillagers? If you like having a populated area to call your home, try this seed that starts you off next to a stone island. This island has cherry blossom trees and a pillager outpost nearby, making it a pretty unique seed to start with if you’re a veteran of Minecraft already.

3. Big Desert Biome -6849483623903855422

If you’d instead take your survival adventure to the sands, we have a seed that contains a massive desert biome. It starts you off quite close to an immense desert, which can take some time to get out of. Try this seed if you’re determined to make the desert life your own.

2. Two Villages, Plus Cherry Blossoms 712262452098460

What’s better than one village? Two, of course! If you like having the backdrop of cherry blossoms, this one’s a good pick. With two villages at your disposal, you’ll have lots of opportunities to make use of the resources during a survival game or mass destruction if you’re going creative for your playthrough.

1. Every Biome (yes, all of them) -6625852184933493165

If you’re easily bored of seeing the same biome again and again, like I am, try a seed that has all of them at once. This seed is fantastic for starting a new world, having every biome close by so that you can take your pick of the litter for your new starting point. All the biome options are within a 100 or so block radius, so starting on this world, whether by yourself or with a few friends to help populate the world, can be an entertaining experience.

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