‘Catherine Called Birdy’ review – Coming of age Lena Dunham will charm your socks

There’s a rule of thumb when it comes to period movies: if a track has an outdated soundtrack, it’s going to kill you. Catherine is called Birdie gracefully falls into this category. Lena Dunham’s new movie is practically full of joy, a delightful, coming-of-age theatrical soundtrack to the gritty covers of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” and Supergrass’ “Okay.” Follow the likes of Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette “name The Apple TV + gem DickinsonAnd the Catherine is called Birdie It tells about a young girl who lives in England in…

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HBO Max is getting rid of ‘generation’ and a lot of original content

For two years, HBO Max has been a saving grace for me. With every HBO hit, an impressive array of original titles, and an unparalleled collection of classics, WarnerMedia’s streaming device feels right at home. Not even that – it feels better at home. It feels like grandma’s house, where there are always cookies fresh from the oven and satisfaction reigns. So, how do you feel when you watch grandma’s house burn to the ground, slowly, while you’re stuck on a nearby street corner, and you can’t run and save…

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The big-screen return of Lena Dunham, “Sharp Stick,” looks sensationally hilarious

The big-screen return of Lena Dunham, "Sharp Stick," looks sensationally hilarious

Jon Berthal Stan Accounts, Set Your Slots: The First Trailer for Lena Dunham’s New Comedy sharp stick Finally here, and Berthal managed to work his way through the majority of the 230sec, gold chains and abundant biceps. Thank God. The trailer begins in flashbacks with star Kristen Frosyth, who plays Sarah Jo, relaying to her old white Macbook to Google the famous phrase many of us have grown up with, “Two people having sex.” Some of us started our search with “Muscle man,” but hey, everyone’s journey toward sexual freedom…

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